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    compassion in Action

    We are interviewing bands that personify vegan ethics and whose message is Compassion. 

    This Band will be the messager of The Great Compassion March. We will promote this band’s message worldwide, front and center as the voice of the compassion movement and this March via our international partners that are organizing Marches in states and countries.

    A full Public Relations and Marketing Campaign will lead up to this event. Where this band will headline The Great Compassion March at the OC Fairgrounds, Costa Mesa, CA October 28 & 29. 

    We will ask Universal Music our licensor for The Beach Boys and Steve Winwood’s Higher Love to help move this band's music into the limelight. 

    TGCM Documentary will feature this band’s background story, along with other March pilgrims to the event.  Many YouTube videos of the making of the March will be distributed throughout to explode a following.

    Please send us your demo album and letter of interest.

    MARCH 10-28-17.

    Be part of a community of volunteers to make a difference in thousands of lives.


    Speakers, Exhibitors, Music, Food
    The theme of Compassion will be explored for a new way of relating to the world around us. We will educate, advocate and feed compassion to a hungry world.

    Register, Spread the Word, March, Volunteer, donate


    • ​Walk with Purpose
      Compassion is all about action and while the march itself is an action.  Let the Charter help you with your follow-up action plans. Sign here and let give us an idea of the issues you want to work on and we’ll be back to you.

    When you stand and march in solidarity, to an ideal bigger than any institution or government, you become Self-Actualized/Compassionate. 

    We are the soul candle that can light thousands of hearts, illuminating others, so all can see. Each of us can become the light we seek and a Higher Love.

    Festival is 10/28-29/17

    March is 10/28/17.
    Where: Orange County Fair Grounds in California and other worldwide locations.
    March Path Circle (proposed):  From OC Fair Grounds Path 5 Miles
    Event: March, Over 100 Compassion Organizations and Products booths, Dynamic Speakers, Celebratory Music and Healthy Food. 
    Duplicated worldwide with our assistance for any city to have a March and Gathering.  

    Join Us

    Everything Matters. No matter what you give, it all makes a difference.  We are here for one primary reason; to help each other  Make your contribution now and be the change.

    Attend Compassion Workshops and Compassion Certification Training at the Event.

    “You’re Compassion When You See Yourself in Everything” 

    • Marching all over the place - No matter where you are from in the United States or beyond and want to organize a local compassion march—no matter how small or large—contact us. We will help to get you started.  This is a time for compassionate cities to shine.

    ​​​"When we connect our heart to our hands and feet, we become tools of Compassion." Frank Lane


    The Great Compassion March

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    Join me this 5-11-17 @ 5PM PST at the link above!  We are shaking the world to live a life of compassion!

    "Think About It There Must Be A Higher Love!"