"Think About It There Must Be A Higher Love!" 

The Great Compassion March

Everything Matters. No matter what you give, it all makes a difference.  We are here for one primary reason; to help each other  Make your contribution now and be the change.

Attend Compassion Workshops and Compassion Certification Training at the Event.

​​​"When we connect our heart to our hands and feet, we become tools of Compassion." Frank Lane

“You’re Compassion When You See Yourself in Everything” 

Frank Lane has been consistently living a life-style contributing to the least amount of suffering in the world from childhood, called Ahimsa.  He most identifies with Saint Francis, Cesar Chavez, Gandhi, Mother Teresa, John Robbins, Dorothy Day, and Einstein’s sanctity of life. 

His ideal is to live a Consistent Life; No War, No Racism, No Poverty, No Abortion, No Euthanasia, No Death Penalty, No Animal Holocaust.  Frank registered as a Conscious Objector against all killing with his government at the age of 17.  At 15 he banned to make his body a graveyard of tortured animals.  He became vegan the moment he heard John Robbins speak in 1987.  He served on the board of Dr. Michael Klaper’s plant-based advocacy nonprofit for over twenty years.  He was also an activist with many non-profits including EarthSave International, Green Peace, Vegan Spirituality, and the Catholic Worker homeless shelter.

John Robbins, author Diet For A New America, and The Food Revolution calls Frank’s work  “An inspiring message from an inspiring man with a passion for healthy people and a healthy planet.”

The author of the life-shifting and revolutionary work www.BeInHeavenNow.com about using adversity for awakening to our spiritual self. This most intriguing work takes you on an adventure, teaching that God belongs to all of us to shift our imprisoned minds.

CEO of three multi-million dollar organizations from start-up, writer, video director, author, social entrepreneur and inventor with multiple technology patents.  Directing www.TheGreatCompassionMarch.org to make the greatest difference in as many lives as possible.


Join the March For Freedom in Laguna Beach. October 14, 2017
Walk 10:00 am - 12:00 pm
Cobblestones at Main Beach
Laguna Beach, CA

Registration will open at 9:00 a.m. on the Cobblestones at Main Beach (PCH & Broadway). 
Twitter - @A21

  • Marching all over the place - No matter where you are from in the United States or beyond and want to organize a local compassion march—no matter how small or large—contact us. We will help to get you started.  This is a time for compassionate cities to shine.

Festival is 10/28-29/17

March is 10/28/17.
Where: Orange County Fair Grounds in California and other worldwide locations.
March Path Circle (proposed):  From OC Fair Grounds Path 5 Miles
Event: March, Over 100 Compassion Organizations and Products booths, Dynamic Speakers, Celebratory Music and Healthy Food. 
Duplicated worldwide with our assistance for any city to have a March and Gathering.  

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  • Watch and Spread The Great Compassion March Public Service Announcement (PSA).  
  • Get others excited. Share the Link!
  • If you live in the area of Orange County, CA and want to be involved as a local organizer, volunteer, organize a booth or help, click on Register.
  • Be In Heaven Now​
  • What Do I get for participation?

    About Frank Lane - Executive Director

    compassion in Action


    Be part of a community of volunteers to make a difference in thousands of lives.


    Speakers, Exhibitors, Music, Food
    The theme of Compassion will be explored for a new way of relating to the world around us. We will educate, advocate and feed compassion to a hungry world.

    Register, Spread the Word, March, Volunteer, donate


    • ​Walk with Purpose
      Compassion is all about action and while the march itself is an action.  Let the Charter help you with your follow-up action plans. Sign here and let give us an idea of the issues you want to work on and we’ll be back to you.

    When you stand and march in solidarity, to an ideal bigger than any institution or government, you become Self-Actualized/Compassionate. 

    We are the soul candle that can light thousands of hearts, illuminating others, so all can see. Each of us can become the light we seek and a Higher Love.